Styles P

White boys, you are all nigg*s, according to Styles P: White Nigg*s

White boys, you are all niggs, according to Styles P: White NiggsIs this a song about Mike Brown? That may have originated it. Let's call the case its Mount Parnassus. But the song is not really about police brutality and an injust society.

I feel its message stretches out to the color blindness theme, the leveling of all human beings. At one point in the song, a verse goes like

'Ya lil white son in his room playn hip-hop loud That's my nigga now Yeah, I said, he a nigga too You wanna kill me, you should kill him too!'

This reminds me of a scene from that Joel Schumacher movie called 'A Time To Kill', from back in 1996. The verdict, at the end of the movie, was passed out after McConaughey made the jury face their folly: none of them imagined the ten year old daughter of Carl Lee Hailey their white ten year old daughter.

This I believe is Styles P's message: empathy. Be that person who's going through an ordeal a much as your heart allows you. Indifference kills. Literally!

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