Stryken - The Answer

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History begins in Bethlehem.<br />

Away in a manger<br />

No crib for a bed<br />

How his fame expressed<br />

How he raised the dead<br />

Made the blind to see<br />

The world was free<br />

He's all you need<br />

He's all you need<br />

He's all you need<br />

The Answer The Answer<br />

They laughed at you<br />

A crown of thorns on his head<br />

They hit his face with the fist<br />

They stripped his clothes and spit<br />

Made him carry the tree<br />

They laughed in glee<br />

Drove the spike threw his hands and feet<br />

They crucified my king<br />

But he forgave us everyone<br />

Till the morning, mornings sun<br />

All the things we think were fighting for<br />

Are already done<br />

The demons danced<br />

The sprits played<br />

But God stood fast to secure that day<br />

He rose from the grave<br />

Your world is safe, safe and sound if you believe<br />

Rather than rocks on<br />

The war is won

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