Steven Russell

Steven Russell - This Might Seem Silly lyrics

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May I ask what's that fragrance you wear?

It's the way that a woman should smell

I think I wanna go cuz I don't think that I can stand

To be around you and not have you as my lady


This might seem silly, but I really love your smile

And every time you're near me I feel like a child

You stole my heart the first time I looked in your eyes

This might sound silly but I think I'm in love

(Verse 2)

You've the glow of an angel, I swear

You even got a glow on your hair

Your light will kill me but I wanna share

Oh, girl, your heart

Baby, since we're here, maybe we should talk

If there's something on yo mind

You can let it all go

Girl, let it all, baby baby


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