Stetsasonic - Took Place in East New York

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[ Human Mix Machine Wise ]

My name is Wise Supreme and I don't eat pork

I reside in Chilltown but came from East New York

From a time of bein broke to a life of luxury

Stay in the house or you won't see much of me

But when I'm out I go to Brooklyn just to chill and max

And from my head to my toes I wear all black

No, I'm not a criminal, playin with my digital

Lay back in my chair while collectin my residuals

Cash that I made during winter, summer, fall, spring

But gettin dissed by a foe is just a small thing

Rememberin the time I was goin to a talent show

I saw my ex-partner who's now a foe, you know

Anyway, the brother said hi, cool

This took place in Jefferson High School

I was here to observe all the talented acts

He was there to try to battle, here's the facts

Was sittin in my seat, the host grabs a mic

'Stet's Human Mix Machine versus Essence tonight'

I said, 'What? Who set this up?'

The crowd started goin crazy as they start to erupt

Between every act of people doin their show

Essence got on the mic and said, 'Wise, let's go'

I didn't wanna battle, why waste my time?

He got on stage, kicked beats while his MC started rhymin

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