Stetsasonic - Stet Troop '88!

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[ *Human Mix Machine Wise beatboxing* ]

[ all ]






[ *scratching of* ]

(Prince Paul)



(The Hip-Hop Band)




[ Daddy-O ]

I buy my clothes at the Gap, I really know how to rap

I like root beer on tap and I'm a shorty strapped

And like Run once said I'm proud to be black

And if I sat on a bus, it wouldn't be in the back

And I reside in the East and all the Gods say peace

And every since I started rappin I've been Ebony Chief

And if I took the Pepsi Challenge, I'd choose Dr. Brown

Yo Wise, let me hear that Stet Troop sound

[ *Human Mix Machine Wise plays his 'human guitar'* ]

[ Daddy-O ]

Some people call me Kareem, at work they call me Glen

I was on tour last year, this year I'll do it again

And though I'm not a politician I know all my rights

I had a fight with a cop just last night

Address my girl 'my dear', been shootin guns for years

And I never been a sucker givin in to my peers

The Stet says a rhyme, I'm always on time

Wait a minute - let me think of my next line

Ehm -

Ehm -

Ehm -


I eat at BBQ, meat-eatin days are through

I like it in Lake Charles, I like miami too

When I was in San Diego had to visit the zoo

And I don't like used cars, so I'ma buy one new

I'm readin Stephen King, Joan Collins ain't my thing

Whenever I got beef, I give [Name] a ring

I cool with Walter and Lumumba in an Aero Star

Yo Wise, a little bit of that human guitar

[ *Human Mix Machine Wise plays his 'human guitar'* ]

[ Delite ]

Thank you

And in karate class love when it's time to spar

I tape the daytime soaps on a VCR

I drink low-fat milk to give my tummy a rest

I use ??? in the shower cause I don't like ???

I eat my ice creams slow, call Puerto-Ricans bro

And when I had a yoyo, I had the one that glowed

I used to make go-karts, now rappin is my art

Scott La Rock still lives inside my heart

[ Delite ]

Now I'm a lover of hats, I make money in stracks

Love to watch The Box, music video tracks

Always stayed in school, my mother raised no fool

And if I broke any rules, then my pops got rude

Call me MC Delite a/k/a Shaheed

Here to teach and lead by my rhymin spree

Make the crowd yell 'ho' when I go solo

Yo Wise, give me a taste of what you gave Daddy-O

[ *Human Mix Machine Wise plays his 'human guitar'* ]

[ Delite ]

I love to cool and relax with a girl that's real

She will chill at my place and I will cook the meal

I've been so many places and saw many faces

One city I remember was the city of Vegas

Othe night never quits, prostitution's legit

And the crowd only cheered at the end of a skit

Oh, one other fact, I lost 300 smack

But soon I got the bets and I won it all back

[ *Human Mix Machine Wise plays his 'human guitar'* ]

[ *scratching of* ]

(Stet Troop)

[ *Human Mix Machine Wise plays his 'human guitar'* ]

[ Fruitkwan ]

All my sneakers are gold, on the mic I'm bold

Don't play me like I'm a kid, I'm 24 years old

I like to fly in a plane, call a woman a dame

Like the Empire State it's recognition I gain

Stet Troop and a beat, the world of Stet is complete

A lotta records are weak, but this one is unique

Like they were just grapes, crushin suckers we hate

Yo Wise, come in on time, but not too late

[ *Human Mix Machine Wise plays his 'human guitar'* ]

[ Fruitkwan ]

On weekdays I build, the weekends I chill

And the closer you listen, you detect the skill

Then you think in your head about the lyric I said

You kick beats in the bed, I be creatin instead

People booge in crowds, we can boogie alone

Though the music is loud you're in a 3D zone

Stet appearance react like a deck that's stacked

And like Radio Shack we're all over the damn map

[ *Human Mix Machine Wise plays his 'human guitar'* ]

[ all ]

We like cordless mics, we ride ninja bikes

We don't sing heavy metal and we don't wear spikes

We're classified as a fam, we operate six man

And if you call us a group, you get a body slam

Fruitkwan tailors clothes, Delite waxes foes

And we both rock house with Daddy-O

Paul's on the Technics, Wise kicks the beats

And DBC is on the keys with the drum machine






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