Stetsasonic - So Let The Fun Begin

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I like to party

I like to party

I like to party

(Say what now?) [repeated]


I like to jam and party a lot

But I don't like jams where people get shot

But I do like jams that people have fun in

(Say what now?) So let the fun begin (fun, fun, fun)

Startin with the ladies who like to have fun

If the guy can't dance, then go, get another one

And get high on the drug called life

Nuff said from the Dad, so kick it, Delite


I'm kickin steps to a new program

Slip, slide in easy, and bam! slam the jam

I heard you liked to party, so what's the fuss about?

Go, go for yours, and turn the mutha out

I stand, this here will shift you into full gear

(In high gear) so tell the rest to stand clear

And bust the footnote: no time for dead bodies

No parkin on the dancefloor, cause I like to party

I like to party

(Say what now?) [repeated]

(Take me to the next stage, baby)

(Take - me)


Now when I'm at a party, I'm settin it off

Cold grab me a cutie, and I break north

Out to the dancefloor, Stetsa style

Break Stetsa fool and get Stetsa wild

3 o'clock in the morning I'm still here

Waitin for the Stet limo to appear

But Daddy-O'll get busy up until that time

Nuff said from the Dad, Dee, say your next rhyme


Lines around the corner, just to see the band

Bodies are packed like sardines in a can

I mean with the boom, said it kinda perfect

No doubt about it, yeah, I come to perk it

P-p-work it on up, what's up, it's time to move your butt

The rhythm thumps that keep you all hyped up

The ruff and the rugged, ain't nothin hip, but

It, so get up, it's time to strut

I like to party

(Take it to the bridge)


Parties are made of people, and people make a party

And fights don't make it, cause fights'll ruin your body

When people choose to fight, the party ain't right

And it won't be right for the rest of the night

So take it from the Odad, party for fun

And take it for the Stet band, party for the next one

But don't party with a gun, that's dumb

Just as dumb as a soft MC tryin to get some


B-b-b-bass is boomin, on the mic we're stylin

Guys workin up a sweat, damn near buckwildin

You're cool, scopin out the girl that you like

Cause it's true: freaks still come out at night

And as you check your spot you know it's time to mingle

And get on down to the go-go single

We're makin it clear (yeah) from front to rear (a-ha)

Stetsasonic is the band of the year

I like to party

(Say what now?) [repeated]

Partytime is anytime and anytime is partytime [x3]

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