Stetsasonic - No B.S. Allowed

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Now we're gon' get ourselves together

(Of the band that's spelled S-T-E-T)

No B.S. allowed

(Prince Paul)


Let's get this straight - rappers are a dime a dozen

Some were around from the start, some wasn't

Some are okay on the lyrical tip

But some of these bums, they ain't say shit

I happen to know that some of think they can throw on

Thought we were soft cause of Float On

But we ain't soft, who you think we are, Jeckyll and Hyde?

You been watching too much _Tales from the Darkside_

Or drinking too much, or smoking the crackpipe

Man, instead rag your ass on the mic

So now, me and you face to face, any time and place

Your choice, wanna test your voice

With the O-d-a-d Doctor of -tology

Teacher of youth and MC's without couth

Better call in a bomb squad, cause I'm gonna blow

You and your voice and your rhyme out the window

Fall and you break and you cook and I bake and you cry

You know why? Cause you was a dumb guy

To sleep on the Stet for some political rep

You thought we would miss the boat, but you joked

The time has come for you to face the fact

You slept, hops, cause you thought we was wack

But we're back, and it's a fact, cause we have vowed

In the world of Stet - no B.S. allowed


No B.S. allowed


No B.S. allowed [repeated]

Take that y'all

From the back y'all

We're not the wack y'all

Beat, beat y'all

And you don't stop

Ya keep, ya keep on

Rockin the hip-hop

(And it goes a little somethin like this...)


Next in line to rhyme, and on time

Outline a fine rhyme that'll blow your mind

You see, well, it's me, Wise emceeing

And every line you hear, I'm writing for me and

Myself, and I bet that you can give me a try, gee

Here's another headpiece I fly

Underestimated our ability

So comprehend the trend that we set

To ache and take and break the mold that we're from

Cause sucker MC's wanna try to get some

Peace to the allies, forget the foes

Praisin and glazin, but I'm grazin

More than just nips, I'm goin for chunks

Kickin off a fresh rhyme to a beat that's funky

Splurgin on the style, you feel you gotta

So let loose, sucker, and ???

Why do you even bother?

To call our shit junk

From the bottom of heart

When you was biting from the start

Of it all, punk

Give me a break, there's no mistake here

Your girl'll be the only thing I take

Yo, S-t-e-t is the band symbol

Wise a/k/a the Stetsa sex symbol

Rockin the crowd with no B.S. allowed


No B.S. allowed


No B.S. allowed [repeated]

(And it goes a little somethin like this...)


So now, time to flex some lyrical muscle

Rip up ours with ??? scuffle

Hustle and tussle with the best of them

Blow thsyelf a Philly and commence the stompin

R.O. D-e-l-i-t-e

The poet is me, a poetry epitome

Here to stimmulate, to teach and educate

And those who perpetrate, I bend your path straight

Point blank, by the line that tells it all

Hell could freeze and the Stet would still reign tall

Cause our flow is soul and so electro

From my intro pooh-puts are petrol

We strom the stage, rip it kinda slick

A little silver, yeah, we on a different tip

About our silver - our crown to our glory

You wanna know - read the real story

And plug in to the smooth reservoir

Complete funky freestyle seminar

Don't ever try to diss us on any issue

Or you'll be outta here like used wet toilet tissue

For the Stet it's cool, we're never living foul

Step wrong, we'll be gankin and buckin wild

Cause we're the band, we're standin loud and proud

And where we're from, no B.S. allowed


No B.S. allowed


No B.S. allowed [repeated]

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