Stetsasonic - Go Stetsa I

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Brace yourself for the awesome and rare

The real, the right dynamite is in the atmosphere

As there's a time and place for everything that's under the sun

This is the time and the place that we have some fun

Now take a see to check the pedigree

of the band that's spelled S-T-E-T

The rhymerator, Dee-Lite, the R-O-D

And on the keys, my brother D-P-C

Wise, Frukwan and my DJ Paul

We puttin competition back, up against the back of the wall

Me and the band that I just mention

present to you a new invention

We-we-we-we regulate a Stets-a-flucture

So def, a listen to the structure

Formulate ya own, but please don't touch a

Good lokkin out, we thank ya very much a

Heed this style on the cartwheel nightcha

Fight to the end, I bet we'll bust ya up

And ya welcome to a force that creeps

Slowly but surely, enough we'll defeat you, BREAK.....

Break: (*scratchin*)

Straight to the letter witta hip-hop band

of America, London and even Japan

And you surely will admit by bein a fan

Nobody else does it like we can

To battle us is truly a gamble

Excellence is proven by example

The ladies smile while the bodies are in shamble

Back off Puba, this ya can't handle

The rhythm homeboy is definitely ringin

The beats and rhymes are the chords that are tinglin

So grab your girl, let's start the jam

For at the helm is a band who's in demand, BREAK.....


Go (x31)

Ch-ch-ch-champ wit the punch of a verbal grenade

and a rhyme that's equipped as a barricade

Cool and clever, crack I never

Wit my crew I will never sever

Brooklyn, New York is our home town

That is the place we always go down

And every night a party goes down

And when it starts, it never slows down

We boogie to the DJ's non-stop

To the sound of the Brooklyn hip-hop

And if you've ever seen Brooklyn rock

(*scratchin of 'Brooklyn'*) rocks it non-stop, BREAK........


Go Brooklyn (x15)

Point blank, our deliverance is me but smooth

Stands out like a winner at'cha favorite tune

All tension is released upon the call of the beat

As you rock along to a funky treat

Like a torch, we're keepin you active

Our rhythm will hold you captive

We're perfecters of the poem we sing

Mobbin in to the top with the style's that's addicting

No doubt, about what we capture

A-nother classical treasure

So productive and effective

Chuck it out as a jam that's spreading

It-it ain't nuttin like hip-hop music

You like it cos you choose it

Most DJ's won't refuse it

A lotta sucker MC's misuse it

Don't think that Stet can lose it

Too much to gain to abuse it

The name of the game is rapture

This song is complete and captured, BREAK.....

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