Stetsasonic - Don't Let Your Mouth Write A Check That Your Ass Can't Cash

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Ah yeah

Smooth dedications goin out to

My man the E Double and the PMD

Special dedications to DJ Scratch

And the Albany Projects in Brooklyn, you know what I'm sayin?

We gonna break it down a little somethin like this here

1, 2, and don't forget the Daddy

O is for the only, chief is for relief

People like to talk about the Hip-Hop Band

Not that they get away with it, but they think they can

Cuttin their eyes, and frownin at Wise

And sayin Paul can't cut - kiss my butt

Don't know Bobby, smirkin at D.B.

Boy, stop jockin S-t-e-t

Do what you feel, and if you feel real froggish

Leap on this, so I can bust your lip

Because Allah made man, but man made speech

And speech is only talk, and talk is cheap


Well, like a boxer, we got the groove that sticks and moves

Boom! another k.o., and now a major news

No short cuts when it came down to this

Some have wrote us off cause we continued to persist

Without fail, our actions prevail

Success breeds, and the legend unveils

While many pop duty, the Band stood cooly

Till our chance came, and we smashed them rudely

Proved that the soft talk was all pink water

Baked and fried em and threw em all a quarter

Cause when you talk that talk, and your talk is kinda cheap

You reap what you sow, and you sow what you reap

(Action speaks louder than words) [x2]


Aiyo, the situation seems very peculiar

Like the Jungle Brothers said: I'm gonna do ya

But I'm not gonna do ya like a guy does a girl

When I do you, I'm gonna crash your world

Lights out, with the click of a switch you're cut off

You can't handle, so you break north

Then I said it before, and I'ma say it again

I'm the Daddy, O is for the wars I win, friend


Speaking of a war, yo, I get excited

The taste of victory, man, keeps me ignited

And like a bolt of light that shoots across the darkness

I'm flippin MC's out by my pin-point sharpness

Punishment is due them, I whip em very thorough

I'm servin up the hype like there ain't no tomorrow

The a-c-t-i-o-n means get the job done

MC Delite, now grab hold to my wisdom

(Action speaks louder than words) [x4]


Sittin in the park out in East New York

Soak in the sun, watchin the girlies walk

By, some say "Hi", and some say "Hello"

And some say, "How you're doin, Daddy-O?"

I say, "Alright, but the beef I got

Is how the faggot MC's try to cop my spot"

Cause it's cool to occupy your own

But if you come for mine, I'm gonna crash your dome

See, I don't really always wanna be the aggressor

But my respect for MC's continues gettin lesser

And just like my mother used to say in the past

Don't let your mouth write a check that your ass can't cash


So just imagine all the flack that you'll be catchin

When you're pop that weak, boy, yo, I be bashin

Rip all your bull, to show that we're winnin

By blood, sweat, no tears, we're provin, not pretendin

We daze and amaze till foes are left confused

Like some men treat their women, they get whipped and abused

Cause Stet is rolling strong, so what the hell goes on

Try to gank this, your ass is gettin bombed

Cause action overspeaks above any plight

Peace, sincerely yours from MC Delite

(Action speaks louder than words) [x4]

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