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Stephen Lynch - D And D lyrics

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Better get back up here. This is a song about a guy you might remember from high school, or you might be this guy from high school. I don't know..


(How about a little harmonica?)

I've got my twelve sided die and I'm ready to roll with a wizard and my goblin crew.

My friends are comin' over to my mom's basement bringin' funyuns and a mountain dew.

{I got a big broad sword made out of cardboard and that stereo's a-pumpin zeppelin.

It's that time of the night we turn on the black light let the dungeons and the dragons begin.}

It's D and D!

Fighting with the legends of yore.

It's D and D!

Never kissed lady before. {Nope!} Whoo!

Now the Lord of the Rings, the dark crystal and things.

We use these as a reference tool.

And when we put on our cloaks and tell warlock jokes we're the coolest kids at the school...

{No we're not.}

I know.

Now Teich's a real bastard but a fair dungeon master.

He's got hit points and charisma to lend.

{And I rehearse in my room, or what I call the dragon's tomb, when I'm not out with my girlfriend.}

It's D and D... wait...

Sorry, You got a girlfriend?

{Yeah. Yeah, I got}

It's D and D!

Warriors that terrify.

It's D and D!

Virgins 'till the day we...





{Stephen Lynch, ladies and gentlemen.}

That's Mark Teich.

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