Stalley - Volley Express lyrics

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(ft Scar )

GMC trucks with ...

This shit, I .. in my cash

Vast wages for these raps

These hating niggers get the straps.

No debating it's just that!

No more, Mr. Nice Guy

My nigger just had a tear under his right eye

Unremoseful source for that Porsche and rose

A couple gals in some nice denims

And they're taking it all for you now my niggers shining

So think before talking, homie, this engine is rhyming!

I cam from that cold hole, now my city is...

So I'll snatch you for that to still get the fire in

If you niggers try and play me, boy

Or knock me out my pimp state cause I ain't trying to play with boys

I play with toys, with the big wheels,

they gather in, is how that truck feels

Leather seat... stirring wheels

Captain of silver... breath is in the towel

..and executive suits

Didn't had beauty ..bosses eat

Kiss the ... kiss the cheek

Before you lame nigger speak to me

Before you lame niggers speak to me!

Used to ride up in my trunk

thinking something's gotta bump make it.. when times got tough

Try to be patient for one day I was gonna make it

Gonna make it, gonna make it!

Now I'm being driven round, feeling like that all the time

Still gonna blow the greatest...

Make it so anxious, if I want it it's my...

GMC swinging.

Nowadays I travel like a president

Black SUVs with the blackest tint.

Every city I'm in, I'm in the heart of it

Campaigning, shampagning, my...

..with the crooked..

Smelling through the window with my gap teeth.

Three fingers up, you know what the motto be

Everywhere I go is like they honour me!

So I held to the honourable

And raise our glasses high to the...

This brand was kinda slow, but now it's speaking up

A real American dream, I'm in this...

Used to be behind the wheels, now I'm getting plunged

Riding through the States, like a bad bush

Ohio state plates, no redgy bush

Just some purple Cush and some large...

But this bump trying to be chosen.

And sit back, sit with me chain smoking

Presidential...I tall to keep rolling,

Then the whiskey for the ride, and I'm kicking it to the side

And I'm back on my grown man


Rolling for that blue colour dollar, American dream

Looking back to my life...where I used to be

Just to ride up in my trunk, ..something's gotta bump

Getting ... to make it ... when times got tough

Trying to be patient... one day I was gonna make it

Gonna make it!

Now I'm feeling driven around, feeling like...

still gonna blow with the baddest hoe ...

..if I want it it's my fall to take it!

Once upon a time, I used to dream

Working nine to five, staying... this would be temporary!

Now look at me now, I'm on top of the world

Can't you feel me, yeah?...

While I go, I must... at the window!

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