Stalley - Raise Your Weapons lyrics

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They saying I’m the last of a dying breathe

And this generation is in the dying need of a voice like me

So won’t embody the glory I guess that’s me

Someonje to tell the story of the people like me

Some came from nothing and fuck like me

They said that I’d be nothing I’d be dead by 23

The past is sad because I muzzle my burn eternally

And my shit sad because of my tattoo sad I’ll never see

So I’m out in the open all alone searching for some peace

Mentally I fell enslaved by this weak economy

So I’m thinking about buying a piece and riving everyone in front of me

But the funny thing is we all feel it, I’m just speaking the pain out

We all live and we got chill as trying to find the ghetto

But cry so loud I’ll be damned before this echo

They telling me to let go, ask me why am I upset for

Yeah I’m upset y’all cause you won’t accept the people that I rap for

The kids with broken hearts and torn souls that find it hard to let go

Confusing them with your religions and lying politicians

Throwing this in your prison making this welfare recipients with no hope

So why hope? Your past is listed before us so they shoot a million unprovoked

And we show up at your front door, weapons raised no questions made

You know what we come for, respect of the upmost

Ripping my heart was so easy, so easy

Not sure now, take it easy

Raise your weapons

Raise your weapons

One word and it’s all good

Raise your weapons

Raise your weapons

Raise your weapons

Raise your weapons

Now now now that ain’t what they telling me

But the killers what slows with me

No mercy for their punk ass

Too many shots not to buck back

I came too far to go back

All these words I bounce back

The coalitions for the wounded

So black gloves black neck

I’m strapped up like co jack

Niggers better run like rogue Jack

I’m blitzing with these raiders so they better go back

You fucks can burn aside cause this all get by

I swear they so fast with all this crawl and faking

They want real and they so thrill and they

Go still and they don’t feel

Sympathy towards your judgment

You can call the lord call the guards

But there’s still no budget so we fuck it until they work it

Standing here till the sun dims

And it’s back up Lexus

Got them raised up no cowards here

We was raised tough and we all together

So raise up let it roll down

This revolution is so strong

And this war we ain’t start alone

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