Stalley - Pound lyrics

rate me a place with a base sound, nigger

Slow the beat down..

When the sun goes down we.. make enough,

Let the elevator down!

From the the penthouse

Synonymous to what my life has been about,

..waves of intelligence is what I …

Feeling the cut, let’s doing spin outs,

87.. living life on the edge, a couple of…

It’s funny how sparking stones bring attention from these hater heads.

A lot of changing faces from these potato faces

Eyes dilated when I …

Couple doobies in the…

..on my mouth like a .. champion.

..the pain I’d be dancing in,

The rain with the federals, mirror image to the gods,

My wholly glory brings..

This control mind with no…

The dreamy intuition from a strict politician …

Back and forth with the pimps and gang assembling

Dope boys with the bang in their trunk, seen the…

The city where I’m from with the…

Street names after Indians.. watch where you’re coming in,

Tell my .. may bump into the next king pin.

..civil with the spiritual

This city feels unlucky searching for a miracle.

On this elevator where I’m skipping floors,

Trying to reach the top, then the structure falls.

..go to a place where the base sounds…

Slow the beat down, ..the pace a little quicker,

So we stay up when the sound goes down,

We .. enough, so let the elevator down.

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