Stalley - Midwest Blues lyrics

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It’s a four gone place

...with a black cat chase

Playing the black cuffin’ and the ...cafes

I’m back on my passed days

Suckin’ up the jazz days

...then I pass it to Jay

My sympathy for my niggaz that passed away

...they say I can make you with my middle finger

What they say?

Loud mouth closing

Don’t hear them anyway

I talk to Midwest blues on top of this stage

Ain’t hope for a nigga thay staying true these days

But they respect it when you roll up the music

All black tiger stripes let them know where I’m from

PSG medallion still shining in the sun

So who’s gonna touch me on my mind ...?

Success,nigga,this is how I counterfeit

Never had pride over spilt milk

Try and ...a tear

Ha ha,nigga,drive high niggaz

You can keep hating

Until you crawl up and down niggaz

It’s my time

Toast over fine,wine,steaks

The best lyrics are now

They need to touch my prom

I’m just pacing it out like Paul Jorge

Come to collect everything,hoe

Plus war

If you decide to jump in the way

I’’ll take yours

Cop blockers is nothing I hate more

Keep...guys around

Never date a whore

...And now I got the charge

Never snitch no...

Shit!These ain’t cold as they’re sitting on dees

The only time I’ve been this

Is when I pray on the knees

So fallin’ it ain’t an option

I always got my work on

And it ain’t an option

...I’m just a natural hustler

This is how I got here

I put my soul on lace

Until I’m not here

Victorian friends with a rock ...

No man that build an empire

From collecting cars,to collecting cars and tigers

No shake of hands

Just a lot of persistence and excellent plans

No rewards if I ain’t working for

And they ain’t worth anything if you ain’t hurt for

Not it’s sweet victory

Check the score,dog

Check the score,dog


I never switch shops and switching gears

...not better than the streets,yeah

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