Stalley - Midnight Satori lyrics

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Black chavelle on them veins boy

God shades let the jacket like I'm playboy

shopping through my city like what's the focus boy

I come through it open doors

6 by 9 ..make a bunch of noise

I'll be this back streets and cities blocks

middle finger to every cut

sheavy block engines everything it's heavy stock

I'm in my sweat ..caught make that bitch to the watch

man I'm losing my relation get this engines on my shoulders

and they telling me to listen I just passes..

and keep in lost in my system

they telling me it's devil music and demon having prison

my mind, body and soul and I'm ..down

..and I just let skip roll and strip

got I'm down for whatever, whenever

anyway the hell I go you think I'm scared in your answer

hell no

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