Stalley - Harsh Ave lyrics

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i'm from the rap souls mingle

don't .. jumping fighting for a single

cops always rolling up 'cause nounces will be rolling up

'cause you undice with ..

jake niggas we be holding up

right in front that green canasta

underneath thousand cameras

before we was famous never mind who's watching us

careless with our action ..view apartment acting

i was spent right in then out the hustle it off

suply it two ways too hard too soft for my option

when i had to strip, different sides of things right here

they gonna need to fix to ups and the downers

the haters all around us

i feel em when they come to me to drown out

attention from this cowards between dirt roads and feel the flowers

i'm setting dreams for hours say my stator ..

got a couple screw ..

so i'm writing bad ..still holing that holing notes on blast

used to pink in the ..

about how we conduct this sheavy fully dress

with the black ..max spit

if they run the class they

so be carefully down my memory lane

a lot of memory stane

this see see until rain falls

and put it all to the side

work you mama let my memories die

milk town i'm down to ride

i introduce myself once last time

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