Stalley - Glass Garages lyrics

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All these cars come, cash pay

And all of ‘em grownups they come with hash tags

From the eighty cupers til they sixty eight stickleise

Man you know, she can’t smoke green

But they sits I ball _______(?)

Ball blaze or the eighty - eight complete

It’s the way it will swing by the way, buckets sits that remind me of my G.

Hear me miles away, you got that master piece

Girl as my passage, so cleave like she work on 2 pits

Hood is on the dash form, 2 -20 when I mash on

Panoramic pat roof, look like a glass of back form

This is all I ask for, you givin’ in

Wipe your feet before, don’t touch the stereo, I’m buckele up

This 68 Chevrolette, come from the era where they’ll sit in

I bent a triple back and their nick name, then here we goin’

Back right on the wheals

They call a revolution and we cruisin’


(it’s the way I see ______(?)

One big break mention, back yard with all the sin

And nerve it in, it’s hard to ask me what I rap for

I just smile and tell ______(?) all I ask for)


King of the car top

That money have sense with the balls

That was mix tape with that funny part

3 fifty fall ball, got it all for sanity


First time I lay on, under the _______(?)

Shall kill for the lean

Another one for the flip, now there’s money ________(?)

Remember walk in sixtieth

Dreamin’ the right clip

Hoers in backin’ jenes

A hundred meals on my ______(?) thirteen’s

That was before the snicker close it

Glass don’t courage it, you know around it there’s American muscle

Spondaic small ties, before get love too

Sit down in the cups, pickup trucks, get stove too


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