Stalley - Free lyrics

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Braking her ass in the kitchen closet

They concern about what the floes shit

Potting spoon on this stove

This the ash to make her so fly

They can put the counting money sofa

It’s only my temper but you caught boys

All adding lesson, start dressing

All goal boys

Get you everything from the eight ball to a hall boy

Hit the streets sheavy ridding like the rolls boys

Roll joints and pop together boys

Twixing fingers go bangers at the windows as we sit some danger

I fly by this fall that you met you maker

Skinny nigga but I got my waiter

Team OG need pocket nigga how can hate us

Beat the nigga out this pocket if he try to play us

Trick a chick with the strip we some miffing players

Bank rolls, they get never close, nigga pay up

I like to be free

I like to be free

I like to be free

I like to be free

Everyone just wanna be free man

Five deep in the hage back

Croaking stretch try to find where the cash at

Hoodie down in the black mess

Eight shots twelve gage wrapped in black flags

The code of pipes when the shelves bless

This the nigga on that corner that we pill back

To finish the job, don’t shut, sending to God

If I’m stare that dead man face while you finish the rhyme

Blur, anybody call us looking beyond

Why you snatching at this gold? Take this money and roll!

And your conciseness will do like damn

There’s somebody soul

But the stomach aching you, can’t keep scraping this chrome

And lets it that, and I’mma ride ‘til got breath in this lungs

But your drum play a sweet song, bust back as the hit come

Play your enemy close but never ever sleep with them

And fight for flags and hustlers ‘fore jacks boys beating ‘em

If you ever see that hitch back nigga you better squeeze on ‘em

I like to be free

I like to be free

I like to be free

I like to be free

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