Stalley - Chevy And Space Ships lyrics

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I’ll be driften .. so mother ..

Tryin to make money I’m on my settle ..

The .. I’m tryin to be whether money is

Between chevy and the space ships

Or call me .. I’m down for but I’m in the .. shit

Like ..represent .. chicks try shake pockets ..

All type of virgin is dirty game so I keep a couple ..

With some .. you’re on my mind ..

...talkin from miles away

But usually the side of my mind is cooked up but is out today

And is driften Z 28 ....I’m showing out .. no more ..

And happy niggas don’t know what to talk about

So they .. confidence and ..bars my ..goes beyond stars

super star .. emo joggin ...

Is left in the air so I puff and switch and blow the smoke in the air

And watch to these crowds probably disappear

As ashes .. fears .. to the silent

They say this type of wisdom comes for years

And I wise .. a cold nigga newly found

So all time as I hold .. my whole mind down

..Getting my crown

Are you ready, are you ready

I’m showing out, I’m showing out

No mor e..

I’m showing out

No more ..down.

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