Stalley - Blue Sky lyrics

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They Saying Im The Next Up

A lot Of New Rappers But Im The Best Up

The Novel Writer Soul Survivor This The Best Book

And I'm About To Lay This Verse Down With No Hook

Bet It Still Feel Like The Song Though

That's How It Be With A Strong Flow

Shout To Mr.John Doe For Letting My Voice Go On A “Huh”

For You Nigga's Catching On Slow

Now Believe Once I Took It Where You Thought I Couldn't Go

Now I Lay Back In The Maybach And Point Where Ion Go

Staring At The Blue Skies In This Long Convertible

Looking Burned His Soul Buried In Gold

It's Like Wisdom Has Repaved My Road

No Stop Signs And Red Lights

Clear Skies And Headlights

My Future Is Dead Bright

Those Who Said I'd Be King In 09' You Was Damn Right Im Damn Tight

Giving Out Gifts Like Its Fan Night

So Here You Go And Thank You For Your Presence

And You Lending Your Ears Is Such A Blessing

This Years Of Tears And Aggression

But I Wipe Them Away With Cheers From Them Sections

And The Buildings And Stadiums

When I See They Faces All I Think Is How They Hated Him

Wonder How Many People Gone Say They Created Him

But I Been Nice Since Jordan Hit The Fade On Them

I Was Just Balling Back Then Too Before The Tattoos

Before The Chipped Tooth

When My Older Homies Bagged Cats Too

And Drink Beer Like Fruit Juice

The Trap Had Us But They Let This Slave Nigga Loose

I Was Amazed By Muscle Cars And Coupes

Girls In Daisy Dukes Dice Games And Khaki Suits

What I Seen Under Guys Roof Is What Influences The Truth

So I Spew It In The Booth And Hope They Throw It In There Coupe

They Throw On There Khaki Suits And Know This Young Nigga Lives For You

And Know This Young Nigga Lives Through You

Know This Young Nigga Lives Through You

Know This Young Nigga Lives Through You

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