Stalley - BCGMMG lyrics

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i just be laughing at these haters

my life is ..

my song sound like

drag racin left the game behind me

i'm zooming on these niggas in i don't see nobody

there's no competition and i told you niggas at me

back to put it down now i'm back with the crown

..dependency with the..might to is..

then i get go and i..told i'm stuntin

in the back of..look at the ..

made an honest man straight..

till i been get..someone test me to..

ask me i'm the same boy

..something in niggas is paid for

got the feel under my nails so i ain't tryin be no game boy nothing but ain't boy see i ain't for that..

get out and mention that..and i'm brugnin took my..

and now these ladies think they love it

..for you and you gather like 2 and 2

BCGMMG yeah that be my only crew

BCGMMG yeah that be my only crew

BCGMMG yeah that be my only crew

BCGMMG yeah that be my only crew

American flag on my stereo will

palm tree on my..mirror

everything seem closer than what the peace

and what it pissed to be

is that everything in enemies mind

so no time to focus on time

i'm focused on mine i'm focused on time

Rolex watch with the fragment..

small time boy with the world mine

the world is mine, the world is mine

i repeat on myself and i

this flag reminds me of my own strikes

the stars represent my eyes

the blue is for the.. and ..his eyes

the convertible sheavy is eyes

and it's cocaine night and it's..

it's pulish when i pull up the.. and ice

and happen like the..and electric lights

28 ..and it cut like nice

i creep on on your block and i cut my lights

make sure i have everything inside

i'm leaving on prison i ain't spirit light

a savage journey for my American slide

i'm not needy but i'm greedy and i want my..

so i can split it and ..with all my guise

and make sure enharit but i'm nice

cause a good guy never owe anything but a humble life

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