Stalley - All Mine lyrics

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If I do not place my plan

My plan will be forgotten

I will not become a page in someone else’s history book

I’m runnin’ out of time witch mean you runnin’ out of time

All mine x 2

So sweet, all mine, all mine, yeah


The power’s mine, all mine

The throne is mine, all mine

I ain’t jealous, feel with sweet bamb

The power’s mine, all mine

I ain’t challis, feel with sweet mine

In my army, taking that sweet time

But I’m marshals, marshals with what the verse is

Kill all the young loyal serving

How doesn’t the worship his

Black stag, a million man, black stag

Storm in, storm in, feel this black roaf

I ain’t flying by this dying

Leave with all tags, the roof is back, I never left

The matter of fact, I am the king

Telling that courtesy, ball crack, snif three and

Smith street that goes across from blue shieft and ________(?)

In this world five kings so be ready for war so be real with

I’m riding forces throw the forces with the pillows leave at

Neighborhoods will kill for that

More they wanna be king like the American dreams

Go fight fair, came on walls, in night when I wake up from this night mare


All mine, all mine

So sweet, all mine, all mine


Rebellious rebel, my nature to set fury

I'm the judge executioner, I run the jury

From storm land to Japan, I choose where the kings land

Rucksack and a pack for when the king land

Thirty thousand wolfs, that’s my bando brothers

Royal savages, ain’t no bang with others

My blood line deep can’t take nothing from us

Nice to that watch, go watch ________(?)

Got three chains on, call ‘em the wild man

Ice come, kill on, the king of kings

I’m who they all wanna be, I’mma dream, just dream x 2


All mine, all mine

So sweet, all mine, all mine

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