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I know, we know, that you are here for me you see all the things I do to be the one who sees you in your bed sometimes I wake up and I can't see a thing I'm left in the dark alone, but then I hear your sweet words and my dreams are left inside of my head I know we're all like eachother and ya your like me to so I cross my heart and hope you cry but it only matters if I do help me help me ya to see the things I do and i'm tryin I'm near as pure as the God that created you and placed you with me my heart has been tryin to speak to you for years I've held back because, I've never talked to an angel but I see one when I look in your eyes I know your not trying in your actions, ya your just being you so God help me if I'm wrong but I love all the things you do so take me into your arms, let me hold your hand can you feel me close to your heart? take to the sky, spread your sings come along If I were you I could fly, can you hear me? or do i need to cry? and you do all the thing, all the things money cannot buy, it cannot buy I know, we know, ya that you are here for me you see all the things, the things I do to be the one who sees, you in your bed and I look in your eyes, I look in your eyes ya you breathe me, you feel me, you see what I see

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