Stabilo - I Don't Believe In Love

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Excuse me miss

I seem to have lost track of time

What just happened?

How long have I been lying here?

Spread out on my back

You just confirmed my greatest fear

Sick and tired of being this way

I know how much you hurt

And how you know how hard I tried to change

Right all along, you told me I was fading

Nothing left for them to say


You're gonna need it boy, you'll need it babe

If you're going to live that way"


I don't believe in love

You don't owe me anything

Believe me when I say

I could change some day

I don't believe in love

You don't owe me anything

If you need a place to hide

I am on your side

I know it's hard to find an open mind

The wildest ones were left behind

And thought they had it all

And knew exactly how we fall

I thought we'd seize the moment

[You're the sight]??

The flames they rose high up to our knees

We tired to hide and hide the lies

I want to be alone

And on my own

All the holy bones

I want to feel alive

But strong on the outside

chorus x2

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