Split Prophets

Split Prophets - Delta Bravo Kilo

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(Verse: Upfront MC)

We're swimming in a different cattle of fish, I neva did hits

There's no reference to this image, just excessive deep beats

Sending a sound wave directly from Brits

Hitting every neck with a crit, that head's with a twist, blessed with a gift

You checkin' the list, come vibe with us

Now we been in it for a minute, buildin' up like yo grandma' vagina dots

My rhymes are up* to make a lazy ___(?) diving up

Socking grimey mocker, and he biting, it's time for socks

(Verse 2: Flying Monk)

Cuz you a beef fo' combat, you a bloody wombat

Wonderin' around the lag, instead ______________(?)

Man, you really from the wrong cut

Thinking you can creep about, undertake the ______(?) circuit

We will win the singes

Extensive that can stand the building, that's why these punches is potent

So all it takes is one clear hit, and it goes to ______(?)

This song is erosive, these bars are repulsive

You know it's still part of the motion when you're blurtin' explosive

(Hook: Res One)

Fifteen years old, heavy hittin' the bud

Sixteen years old, already hittin' the clubs

Seventeen, eighteen, brawlin' in pubs

Or scrawlin' a dub on track sides falling in mud

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