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Spider Loc - G-Unot Killa lyrics

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People do say I'm Cocky.

Some say I need to good weapons; some say... I talk too much, but...

Anything that I say: "I'm volumin' back-up! "




The S-P-I! Yeah!


HAAAAAAH! (Haahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!)

You tryna act like me, but not quit me my coin, (QUIT MY COIN!)

And you gon' fuck my bitch, but don't quit my rhyme!

It's just my time! You can't fight my shine!

I talk better 'bout you an' you like my lines! (THAT'S IT!)

You sound like the type to be 'round this bitch! (niggaa!)

I sound like the champion, wanna find this nitch!

And you don't gonna win that shit, just lose yo' fans!

And if even worste make outta town; to yo' few of Lambs! (niggaa!)

I know the West on my shoulders, so wraist my back, (GRRR!)

Puts in the lies to can self Loc fakes to fact!

I tryna find new places to place of plaques,

It don't do it another record, why waist the wacks? (G-UUNIT!)

You are not a Piru! You are not a B.G.!

You just love Hip-Hop and watched a lot of TV!

The ex-West on my mind and it'll laid me mouth,

I heard you "300 Bars", and it made me mad! (Haahahahahahahahaaaaahhh!)

You did another diss song, and ain't said me yet,

Must be have a flashbacks for they be mad! (Uh-huh!)

'Til next still be man, but you ain't forget:

"Tell me what the low kids if ain't the shit? " (niggaa!)

Under the hold gon' top - I can see you hot!

It's just G-Unit Crip (G-UUUNIT!) and that G-Unot!

Let's get work mo' thing, clear the day,

"You ain't bring the West back", you just clear my way! (YO!)

Open Youkmouth show! You know the S the psych,

Hand back, sold the world to be lession lie!

You ain't a gangbang nigga, you'sa Compton dones

Yo' whole album ain't dog to say: "POP-YUM ONE! " (nigga!)

Niggas I hear, know - you'sa facing actor

Hit you quit, tryna act like Big Fase a factor!

Don't know, if you ever claim Crip or not!

But ever dance, want naked on a stripper spot!

When they say so - and yo' polish is a lay-low

Just it's a Piracle of the key globe.

Play basketball, you don't bang with' Bloods!

You a thug like Eastwood and hangin' clubs!

Y'all niggas know, how they feelin' about him!

Nowhere nigga!

Matter fact, Eastwood know where the fuck is you from nigga!

BlackWall Street I guess...


Original... M-O-B!

So you just jump in that Pi-Piru on tha window!

I'm the sayin'...

Jayceon... Doja!

Stop it Cause!

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