Spenzo - Fvck Wit Me lyrics

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I still got my money

I still got my money

I still got my money

Fuck with me, shit, that’s a must

Fuck with me, I got that money

Fuck with me, get your head bust

So fuck with me, get your head up

Fuck with me and spend all our trust

Fuck with me, in Spenzo we trust

Fuck with me, in Spenzo they trust

Fuck with me

Spenzo just landed back home, youngling

Support at the airport, welcome back home, y’all get it

Shit, the whole city my home, you know what I mean

Fear it ain’t, rich crew at your home, youngling

Stress free zone, fresh gray zone

Looking like I own three homes, still stay up in my old G home

Tryina get rich as rich has ‘em

Get cheese, americano cheddar, bragging I’m the man

Light leather, just cut the letter, man, with the leather

And I pulled up in that, what the fuck

Hoped out, who the fuck is he, like I don’t wanna be bothered

Can’t nobody fuck with me

Won’t you crack the cars, get back the doves

Gonna smack the car, get back the guap

Ride around so I stay grade up

All hella team, bitch praise up

Putting that, work like fur, city nigga got thoughts in a purse

All these motherfuckers just talk about what they heard

And what’s going on with me and her, her, her, her

I’m the best shot of newcomers, I ain’t gotta lie, check the …

Motherfuckers dropping this summer but it spends who we trust

Mix tape on the summer

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