Speech Debelle

Speech Debelle - Sun Dog

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There's work to be done, daydreams mean I sleep less easy

Restfulness makes eyes more dreary

The voice on my shoulder says sleep when you're dead get out the bed

2am, Mac Pro typing again freestlying again

until I get flow that swoops like strings

and the chord change moves me and soothes me

this aint for the soulless only the soulful souls can really feel this

The cloth that I'm cut with, those I that I grow wid steam fish eat wid it

I see visions in the ceiling, lying on my back on bed I'm reeling in my sanity

˜cause I break down the barriers they put on me

More and more when it come to achievement so many more yes I can feel it

Sometime I hate this these creative rapist test my patience

talk beyond they stations and they say that its the truth

but all know I cant see no proof

So now my life is yours I'm becoming a caricature

˜cause the aim is to get it like pop but the company you keeps is important

So I prefer to be in the company of su'tin much realer

I used to roll with shottas and peelers so what I look like hitch up with them

I read books on the secrets, I study the world

I know what they putting in the water

Telling the truth gets harder the higher I climb

the closer to the top the more they lie

I'm too sensitive ey

What am I running from where am I running too

I can't see its too bright

The message is getting through I'm hearing it calling me

I been waiting up all night

I see it in my visions I got it in my sights

The more I chase the more I come alive

I'm a sun dog, I'm a sun dog, I'm a sun dog, I'm a sun dog

Every goal reached is another one set I never take check there's seeds to sow yet

I wont live down to expectations set we carry torch a bun a fire pon dem

I live for cause not because it's in passion rules style I bring

With paper and pen I'll pull ˜em in, and no parliament can change this percent

so it puts me in a pensive mood

when I purposely choose to pursue my own rules.

I'm a problem it's probably true but what should I do red pill or blue pill

How can I live if I don't do what I feel, it fall through if the foundation aint real

That's one on the 80's they was on the kill bill, riots

It's still like that in Myatt's Field, tired

our desires wont lie dormant forever but they think they are so clever

˜Cause all we do is watch the box, watching the box watch us

Rewired to ignore injustices that happen to just just-us

They marvel in marvelousness of their greediness

We tired of this so if it's on us then we be ready to buss

I'm locked and aimed and its all the same if you rocking wid us

Cause if we aint free then its war mind state rapers

Them imaginary bars cant hold my heart there's no replace off, hey

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