Speech Debelle

Speech Debelle - Angel Wings

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Supa dupa high I’m the lord of flies

The bridge that holds the spec in front of my eyes

These words are mine you can try not pay it no mind

but if you paying forward protect with your life

I’m breaking the barriers not here to wasting time

I’m setting the trends its long for waiting in line

Still got my half cup

I been fed up

But now I feed my truths nourish the young cubs

I stay tuned like Korg progressing to a major chord

Depression was the main course stress was the starter

I used to be so angry and hurt with my father

But when my granny died I cried for him and cried for me

And when I hugged he felt human not like a monster

So when I think of him I’m calmer and much maturer

And when I see my brothers and sister I feel like we’re soldiers

Were on the same team we fight the same wars

Got the same scars gotta climb the same walls

Mirror image of me I know my people love me

I feel a tap on my shoulder sometime I know it’s Frenchie

I know these writers and bloggers wanna hate me

Cause I said that I would win they called me arrogant

But missed the fact that I laid out my destiny

So matter what I do in my future cant take away from me

I’m still learning I’m still trying I got my angel wings I aint afraid of flying

I aint afraid of flying

I aint afraid if falling

I keep having recurring dreams it’s the same theme

Always the same cast it’s just a different scene

I’m in elevator keep up but going too fast

Or in a car with some obstacles I can’t get past

I don’t need a doctor to tell me the reason for it

The answer are always stitched in like the seams on it

And so we dream of so I guess we’re living our dreams

So I guess that means our dreams are our reality

But bloggers keep pushing my buttons for controversy

Acting like I’m not human like I aint got feelings

But where I come from we react we don’t run

So anyone who thinks I take that is so wrong

Know my battles aint with myself they with everyone else

We are soldiers the wars never cease

It’s just now always got fresh kicks in feet

And money in the bank

God knows I deserve it

I put my heart in this and shared it with the public

Never told you no lies never acted like I was perfect

I will not live a hermit

And we afraid of no journalist

We are og’s we aint afraid of no police

Used to put in work pumping Tupac Makaveli

Now I fine dine 5 course and I fill my belly

I sip on Sancerre and look at what I done already

I’m so proud I’ll climb a mountain and shout

And I’ll never throw in the towel I’ll never throw in the towel, yo

I’m still learning I’m still trying I got my angel wings I aint afraid of flying

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