Spector - Reeperbahn

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I dropped 250 on the Reeperbahn

Can't put a price on havin fun

Casinos, cashpoints, pool halls, cafes

I wanna stay up on weekdays


Drinkin Bailey's out of plastic cups

I gotta pick my dry cleanin up

I gotta book a last minute mini-break

How long does a good time take?


The Reeperbahn

I'll see you on the Reeperbahn

I'll see you when our lives have taken turns for the worse


11 Euros in loose change

Baby, could you be my baby everyday

Baby, could you take me seriously

I'm an international man of misery


Keep my enemies close to me

Backstabbers on my Blackberry

But credit, girl, where credit's due

You even ruin the songs I write bout you



I don't care if dreams come true

Or if this decade matters

As much to us as your's did to you

Nostalgia isn't what it was

And you're not what you were

One more drink and then I'm headin home



My heart is saying Reeperbahn

My mind is sayin work much harder, take it slower

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