Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan - Back in the dayz

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Ha ha

Sound sultan

Naija ninjaz whaoo

Check it out

I dedicate this to all the ladies wey they see us before wey they pass by album

Nowadays we go say hi

Chorus 2x

Back in the days

Them never use to come but now when dem see us

Na to run run follow we


I don’t know why

May be na because them they see us for TV


I don’t know why

Were you been dey when ‘owu’ dey blow me why

I don’t know why

I don’t know wo wo wo wo wo

Verse 1

I want be millionaire

Like Bassey and company

Always wanted to be the one

The ladies accompany

Old boy you need to see

The way the ladies were all dumping me

Like say I be refuse or a bay

With a drunk and a cruise

Them they dune on me what!!!

This economy sucks

Baba God even in rain

Shine your sun on me when I look for mirror

Na stranger I dey see

In front of me

You no ‘owu’ ehe

Na me reveal the synonym

Never holding pocket dry

Very skinny rugged guy

Kind of guy who tells ladies ‘hi’

Dem go say ‘hi’

Born without a silver spoon

But him I go get am small ‘when’

No dey shout cool

Just give me a year or two

Like eze, I’ll go to school

Ukpali I go show you proof

See me now

Even when you close your eyes

You go see me now, why

Because them dey try imagine

How I go be to be now hee, hee, hee

Shey you they see us now pele

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2

... in those days

When i been dey

Just be single like like Destiny's Child

All of them don come back

Them kneel down dey beg

Say You Sultan, please sign your name on my chest

Augustus, give me show

Shock my pay

Now wetin make I dey hear

I dey make in dey there

Yo B, don look say my pay pass yours

No wonder she dey run come greener pastures

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

Dum dibli dibli dibli dibli di dan di do

Party inna the place, we no fit do that before

But now when they see say we dey run microphone

All the girls, them no want leave we alone

We thank God o

Lagos, Nigeria to London

Lambo, we thank God o

After the rain, come sun so we dey move on

On on on on...

Them say we no go shine

Wetin dey

The evil has disbanded

Now the able has landed

Yo, what's wrong with you mister


I roc the mic

all places

I am up in the mix dropping the hits

I make opposition drop like terrorists after 6

My mouth be the weapon

So people, hot steppin

I smash ....

better checking every second

Baby shake it for me

While I bend it like I am Beckham

Repeat Chorus

© Sound Sultan

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