Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan - Back in the Days

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INTRO<br />

Ha ha<br />

Sound sultan<br />

Naija ninja [whao]<br />

Check it out<br />

I dedicate this to all the ladies wey they see us before<br />

wey they pass us by<br />

but nowadays them just they say hi<br />

Them they say hi<br />

<br />

CHORUS (x2)<br />

Back in the days<br />

Them never use to come<br />

but now when dem see us<br />

start to run run follow we, Why?<br />

I don�t know why<br />

May be na because them they see us for TV, Why?<br />

I don�t know why<br />

Were you been dey when owu dey blow we, why?<br />

I don�t know why<br />

I don�t know ow ow ow ow<br />

<br />

VERSE 1<br />

I bin wan be millionaire<br />

Like Bassey and company<br />

Always wanted to be the one<br />

The ladies accompany<br />

Old boy you need to see<br />

The way the ladies were all dumping me<br />

Like say I be refuse or a bin<br />

With drunk and woooo<br />

Then it dawned on me what<br />

This economy sucks<br />

Baba God even in rain<br />

Shine your sun on me<br />

when I look for mirror<br />

Na stranger I dey see<br />

In front of me<br />

You no owu ehe<br />

Na me reveal the synonym<br />

Never holding pocket dry<br />

Very skinny rugged guy<br />

Kind of guy who tells ladies hi<br />

Dem go say bye<br />

Born without a silver spoon<br />

but hmmm, I go get am soon<br />

No dey shout cool<br />

Just give me a year or two<br />

Like eze, I�ll go to school<br />

Hold pali, I go show you proof<br />

See me now<br />

Even when you close your eyes<br />

You go see me now, why<br />

Because them dey try imagine<br />

How I go be to be now hee, hee, hee<br />

Shey you they see us now pele<br />

<br />


<br />

VERSE 2<br />

[wey] full my body in those days<br />

When i been dey roast<br />

Girls dey say NO like Destiny's Child<br />

when I bin dey toast<br />

All of them don come back<br />

Them kneel down dey beg<br />

See me Sultan, please sign your name on my keg<br />

Augustus, give me show<br />

Chop my pay<br />

Now wetin make him dey hear<br />

I dey make in dey a day<br />

Your babe don notice say my pay pass yours<br />

No wonder she dey run come greener pastures<br />

<br />


<br />

VERSE 3<br />

Dum dibli dibli dibli dibli din Bain din Dum<br />

Party inna the place, we no fit do that before<br />

But now when they see say we fit run microphone<br />

All the girls, them no want leave we alone<br />

We thank God o<br />

from Lagos, Nigeria to London<br />

Lambo, we thank God o<br />

After the rain, come sun so we dey move on<br />

On on on on...<br />

Them think say we no go shine<br />

Wetin dey<br />

The eagle has janded<br />

Now the eagle has landed<br />

<br />

Yo, what's wrong with you mister T.J<br />

you brain, you hister<br />

I rock the mic<br />

all places<br />

I am up in the mix dropping the hits<br />

I make opposition drop like terrorists after 6<br />

My mouth be the weapon<br />

So people, hot steppin<br />

I smash bones like certain<br />

better checking every second<br />

Baby shake it for me<br />

While I bend it like I am Beckham<br />

<br />


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