Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan - Area lyrics

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Yea, sound sultan, Naija ninja<br />

Kennis, you know how we dey do am<br />

This one na for all ma brothers who don go outside Naija<br />

Who don ja commot for Naija<br />

Always try to dey look back because there's no place like home<br />

You know what I mean?<br />

Yoruba man tell me say<br />

Ajo o dabi ile<br />

Na true<br />

Check this out<br />

<br />

Oh oh, yea yea<br />

<br />

Bridge<br />

Ajo o dabi ile<br />

No matter where u go make u no forget area oh<br />

Area oh<br />

Na naija<br />

Ti ode ba tile<br />

Pada wale o<br />

Wale o<br />

<br />

Chorus<br />

How I wish say I fit reach u anywhere u dey (u dey)<br />

U dey (u dey)<br />

Far away<br />

That one no say make u dey bone area o<br />

Motherland e o<br />

Na your area o<br />

<br />

Verse 1<br />

Chinedu somebody borrow you go<br />

Make you take travel go Chicago<br />

Remember Nnamdi sell him car<br />

So you go go America<br />

All these people wey bin dey raise you<br />

Still dey stay for face me I face you<br />

Promise say u no go fashie them<br />

Every other month u go dey tashi them<br />

Hillary wey u bin promise to marry<br />

Still dey wait, oh boy she don tarry<br />

When she see u na inside Ovation<br />

You marry Oyinbo from another nation<br />

Use mago mago get dough<br />

Now your Oyinbo wife don know<br />

Next thing you know she don go report you<br />

Wetin you know, them don deport you<br />

<br />

Repeat Chorus<br />

<br />

Repeat Bridge<br />

<br />

Verse 2<br />

You bin say na one year<br />

E come turn to two years<br />

You don go for seven years<br />

But you dey serve eleven years<br />

Even when your papa kpai<br />

Plus the tears your mama cry<br />

Bayo for Chicago o<br />

Dem dey miss you for Okokoro o<br />

Biodun for Canada<br />

Your mama still dey wonder<br />

Igba wo lo to ma pada o<br />

Remember for Naija you get iyawo<br />

Ko dabi ile (5x)<br />

Ajo o ma dabi ile o<br />

<br />

Repeat Chorus<br />

<br />

Repeat Bridge<br />

<br />

Verse 3<br />

You say u go call<br />

Everybody wait tire for your call<br />

Rote o, why u go like so o?<br />

From Germany, to carry coco enter Yankee<br />

But then coco burst for your belle<br />

Rest in peace<br />

You fly away<br />

How come one day wey fun dey u fit come back e o<br />

Your papa land e o<br />

I understand say u dey so far away<br />

Long long way from home (4x)<br />

You got a long long way from your papa land<br />

<br />

Repeat Bridge<br />

<br />

Think before u enter that plane<br />

Sound Sultan, Naija Ninja<br />

We doing it<br />

All ma brothers in the west, south, east, north, south<br />

U know how we doing it<br />

And all these people wey dey rule us<br />

Make una try make Naija sweet<br />

So that people go dey come house<br />

Make we get water, light etc<br />

Kennis Music<br />

Peace out<br />

<br />

All the cardinal points<br />

Respect ad lib<br />

All ma people in da house

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