Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy - 1UP

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Stunt (4x) Stack on Deck, Soulja

Everywhere I go, people lookin at me like

Damn that boy cashed up

Damn that boy swagged up

Everywhere I be, people lookin at me like

Damn that boy cashed up

Damn that boy swagged up

Racks UP, everywhere we go (3x)

Racks UP, hundred thousand show

Girls lookin at me, lookin really fancy

Oh you so cutie, oh I'm so pretty

Oh I'm in farrari, I don't have to say sorry

Honest lil Dre, old school no atari

Soulja Boy swaggin, pretty boy handsome

Pulled off of the club, in a drop top phantom

360 bands as the roof panoramic

360 bands, oh yes I'm so dynamic

500 trap bunking like a damn fool

Ham savage shawty with a muthafuckin tool

Catch your breath bitch, yeah I'm in that new Mariah

Everybody on me with that five on the side

Shotgun shawty holdin down the whole half

Young Soulja Boy make the trap go ham

Yellow diamonds on me, yeah bitch I paid cash

500K, Mr. Digital Dash

Digital digital, everything digital

White wrist black chain, Soulja Boy I'm gettin 'em

Killin 'em killin 'em, everyday I'm rippin 'em

Put your lighters up, kush up racks up (TAKEOFF)

Young Dre, I do it big

Scarface mansions, that's how we live

Great bentley, but I got to do it in

Right shawty mane I had to put it in

Put in work in on the fuckin block

Yellow diamond brightlin, fuck a clock

Soulja Boy tell 'em yes I'm posted on the top

Mixtape bunking oh my God I'm so hot

Hot like a bitch, everybody know my name

Red bentley bitch, call that shit fire flame

Soulja Boy tell 'em, oh my God I bring the pain

VIP monday night, making it damn rain

Splash, cash yeah it's me

Yellow diamond shawty, 100 for a key

Soulja Boy tell 'em, I might charge a fee

Walking through the hood, everybody notice me

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