Soul Position

Soul Position - 1 Love lyrics

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[Blueprint takling]

Yes, Soul Position

This is Blueprint, live from, the O-State

On the tracks we got, RJD2, of the Megahertz

Yo, I'd like to call this one love

Let's see some hands wavin', from side to side, you know?

Peace signs in the air on this one

It's all about love, not hate y'all

Let me know if you wit' me

Wave 'em side to side, two fingers up, to the sky you know?


It goes stop, look, listen to your heart

Stop look listen to the children

The answer's been with us from the start

The look in their eyes let's me know god's willin'

I'm a simple man, I don't have all the answers

But I know it starts in the hearts of men

And I don't think it's too much to ask for

if you can't do it for you, do it for them

So you don't wanna' be a role model

but like it or not, you're still makin' music for them

You just might be the one they follow

so think about bein' a little more truthful to them

I promised that I'd never be ashamed of my rhymes

and I'd leave behind something that's useful to them

Years ago I made up my mind

and said, I'd never make life more confusing to them

What about you, you think it's to late?

There's no better time than right now for you to begin

But first you gotta' let go of the hate

put your guns down

You wanna' fight?

Then do it with pens

Hold you head up and stand tall

even when you lose in the end

What matters most is you gave your all

so you can never in you life look stupid to them

The experiance you gained should be admired

not just whether you lose or win

Cause even gold must go through fire

only to become brand new in the end

I realize I can't change the world

no matter how much I try

But hopefully I can start with you

one line at a time

one rhyme at a time


Yo, all my people in the strugle (wit' me)

one love

Time is so limited

one life

I'm out doin' it all (y'all)

one chance

Tryin' to see the world but I'm just

one man


[Blueprint talking]

My people in the strugle, one love y'all

No doubt..

It's Blueprint

One love y'all!

To everybody..

All my poeples..

One life..

That came and went..

Only one..

My crew..


One chance..


The Megahertz..

The Inscabibals..

You know what i'm sayin'?..

No doubt..

Shout out to my neice

What up savana?

My moms..

My sister..

What up ???..

What up pops?..

I love y'all..

All of y'all..

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