Soul Distraction

Soul Distraction - The Truth Pill

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Hush now your secret's with me

You can break but nothing's gonna change

Yeah I will, I'll be your saviour

Don't believe in what they say

Just think about the way you lived your life

About the way you try to rule the earth

About your insecurities

Try to lose the bind you have on your eyes

You're blinded by the facts that's changing

Have you asked the truth?


If this

If this is

Is the way to be

To be free

To be tied to a name

It's his name

Man, it's all the same

What if the way I chose was your way?

The way you want is my way?

A part of me in you

Makes us one not two

Goes beyond the color of my skin

Beyond the name I was born with

Try not to be insane

Have you asked the truth?


Have you asked the truth?

Cos we are surrounded by all the

Fakes and lies and false pretense

Let me out of here

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