Soul Distraction

Soul Distraction - It Can All Work Out

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Verse 1:

Listening to the songs on the radio

Back when I was 13

Playing on my machine

And her words were right

How I felt so inspired

Verse 2:

He was 17 and he could be a star

Your words could change a person

Their words just changed his mind

Let the bad things flow

Inhibitions go...


(Where did you begin?) From the start

(Would you do it again?) Yeah I would

(Tell me bout the end) It can all work out

Verse 3:

It only takes one person to pull you down

But you can be the king to put on the golden crown

Climbing up again

When you're called insane


Verse 4:

All it take's for you to choose the path to go

I know that you will know it

I know...

Cos I've been there before

Whatcha waiting for?


It can all work out...

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