Soul Distraction

Soul Distraction - 66th Route To Hell

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Once upon a time I used to love you

Awakened every night with the phone right by my side

I used to sing to myself and hiding away

In the corner of the room where you used to stay

Suddenly you fall into the darkness

My hope and fear cards became true

The apple is rotten

The witch is now hunting

I fell and died in this reality

Oh... I need time

To find life


Staring at you through rose tainted windows

You must be happy with this lady next to me

You wonder 'where is she now?'

'Why did she leave you?'

Her body is here and her blood's on my hands

Your stars & moon are shining

And there you were searching

Revenge's never sweeter in the form of her blood

Happily ever after, I shall live with you

Cold... Dead & next to me

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