Sonny Tackett

Sonny Tackett - GYPSY

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S1 Stevie hitched a ride on a chopper,

Bought a ticket to the other side,

They say it rained all night in Chicago,

But I think it was angels crying.

And Me I sat alone on the back porch,

Played the blues in the pouring rain,

They dropped the flag in the lone star state,

And it'll never be the same...


So sail away, Gypsy, sail away...

I hope you've gone to a better place...

Singing with the angels, hallelueja.

Sail away, Gypsy, Sail Away...

Gary was a honky tonk man

Livin' out on the jagged edge,

He strapped on a six string guitar.

And went out in the world to play,

Just another tortured soul,

Crying out for the world to know,

What it's like to be a man alone,

When you're heart and your woman's gone...

So Sail Away, Gypsy Sail Away,

I hope you've gone to a better place, where

You're singing with the angels, Halleluja,

Sail away Gypsy, Sail Away...

So if you're out on a moonlit night,

And a star shoots across the sky,

It's Little Jr. on that honky tonk train,

Or Stevie Ray in the pouring Rain...


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