Sole - We Ain't Fessin' (featuring Dose-One & Alias) lyrics

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[Sole, Dose-One, Alias]

We ain't fessin' this friendship

All live crews turn to dust

We're from the middle of nowhere

Da dadu dade deda

If you want to high post, I'll watch you fall of a pedestal

We feel safe on the soapbox

Da dede de dede du

It's the return of the demo, and you can't dub us over

We're being ourselves, why the secret decoder?

We ain't fessin', hell read it

Ain't a one trick intention

Keep your guilt to yourself

Da dede du denden

It's as danceable and positive tip as it is a movement and dark

Signing is so relative

I mean, why even sign art?


I ain't business man hollow

I ain't happy man meat

I see the sky as a socket

I can't sleep, I don't eat

There's a bird in my throat

And a ghost in my place, so I wail

I am to the truth as the truth is to coincidence

Imagine holding onto one quarter for the rest of your life

So I broke, thunder words beside a cork set

Holy smokes! English class was vomit

Why it's hip hop music let me get the chills

Where my good people at?

I need a cat sitter

And don't give up on the song write, cause

Lethal ain't fessin'


With the tintinnabulation heard above every third word

Through sealed lashes I grasp at straws

Who's the victor?

I ask the mannequins with the detachable hands

Hidden from their reach to pass the dutchie on the left hand side

Currently residing in opposite currents

Making for an interesting commute

I do the kick step

In an attempt to reacquaint myself with what I thought

I was in love with

Plus to boot I'd like to return to excitement

Of one strap down with my reflection in my shoes

And the practiced frown that carried over and cursed me

With being unapproachable

Why you jelling?

You know why...


How am I?

I'm good

But the real good stuff don't make it to page

I applied for Howard Hughes but live off less than minimum wage

How are they?

The same as last time I saw them

Waiting for Nintendo games to turn to money trees

And all that's cool to no shows

And we turned everything around and gave them "Kick me" signs

Cause mine is too short to get direction from college grads

Who can't change car tires

Is it me or is everything in here boring to death

And wants you to date it?

Only interesting long enough to make you hate it

I've spend the last ten years drawing curtains to hide behind

And I'll be damned if they give my job

To some snot nosed MC look alike

Who matches his hundred dollar shoes with a hundred dollar shirt

Straight from the sole, I ain't fessin'...

[Sole, Alias, Dose]

Two and a half since we met

We'll be rich in six months (repeated)

No friends

No choice

No friends no choice no deal (2x)

All of this for next to nothing

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