Sole - Tourist Trapeze lyrics

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Please remove my name from your rap popularity contest

Take this however you can. look at me, but don't look at me

I woke up on the wrong bed, a wrinkle in time

Remember the times we had? the human satire, yo I'm out for sacrifice

I could make a shirt for this occasion look at me

I'm an mp3 fully rendered absorbing my poor earthling brethren

I have two arms you have 2 thousand dollars

and 30 sentences but not a clue these are hints

I'm talking to be heard, being to get seen

So if you wouldn't mind looking for someone else

Normal people are learning trades and trading tapes and changing tastes

But strange people are making points

Connecting thoughts to make a point and we're laughing At 'em

Arrogant people are talking shit, well people like me got a lot to say

The post futuristic pre-modernism bottle of ragged tortured soles my wretched face

You're rich and out of place, I'm very serious today


We're all in an aquarium feeding on negativity

Wanting to bury them but there's nowhere to put the bodies

Let 'em burn, the ashes make a wonderful gift

It's a tourist trap I hope they buy this shit

Choke, choke, the world don't stay in touch with my tempo

We thinking big but the status quo moves slow

Everybody's on an upward slope for cosmic slop

Stop them from choking on stage

Over the years perspectives have become idiotic and numb

So it seems like the only way to break ground is the trendy way of breaking ground

I suggest you remain aware then monotonous

Don't make me speak out of turn you're out of touch, so don't complain

There is no difference, digital bootlegs, dubbed tapes or iron on chest plates

I'm almost starving and out of patience

Get your prescription to bottle of humans renditions

Revisions, I'm revisiting my resting place

But I can't rest in any case

I'm probably guilty 'til proven apathetic

If I only had some anesthetic or an aesthetic

or some idiot to just validate my credit

I've earned it although most of you from where you stand

You probably wouldn't see it


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