Sole - Teepee On The Highway Blues lyrics

rate me

a good portion of devotion on sale

to the stale-skinned rummage-happy

everyday troop

got my bells on: it keeps my ears ringing

and peers watching

wishing i'd stop

quietly judging with my mouth open

and hands on the switch

so when they stop the earth

who's ass will your head end up in?

it's most likely you'll never get

the perfect tip

or learn to take hints

i want a new television

'cause my books are getting old

and i'd watch the "news and advertisements"

and find a new way to change my life

guaranteed of course

because the names we trust

have, and will always be, the only answer

girls like to hold hands

i had my life squeezed out once or twice

so let's call it even...and well-balanced

like a crock of shit

or a hell of a life

on a walking mess to the upscale

where they sniff dreams off fingernails

and rate life on a scale of personal gain

mapping out the universe:

a wife and kids with no name

and a big house atop a hill

that blocks out the sun for those

who can't afford it

throw some crumbs to the starving idealists

do they not bleed the same? are they not men?

we got bigger desks now

and all my ideas are carefully hidden

on crumpled paper at my feet

starving for attention

when the demon barely blinks out of this life

now i'm on the north shore

laughing at my dot com buddies who got laid off

who needs references anyway?

i've been working for god

in all the wrong social circles

i could have been a programmer

but this much i still am:

not a man or a teacher

just a student in denial

with more to give then they could possibly take

when there's nothing left to disagree with

i'll drop off the face of the planet

and give mtv-land back to its rightful owners...

you can have it

there's a replica of comfort

and a false sense of stability

the difference between a blow-up doll

floating in a bathtub with slit wrists

and a lost friend

only calling to borrow money

all these days are beneath you

there are floors to slip

and break your neck on

and bottles of vodka you can't see through

parasite to parasite

what's eating me is eating you

the absolute hardest thing about being here

is how you wish you could fast-forward

the way it drags

now they got drugs and computers

to do that for you

until they can be you, and replace you

and convince you that they love you

never meant to harm anything so innocent

that you can't help but hope

it gets killed crossing in traffic

i promised myself

i wouldn't kill anything on this song

but you leave me no choice

'cause i can't complain

and can't believe i'm still

waiting for people, waiting for people

who overextend themselves by saying "hello"

i underestimated greediness

and how loneliness

will drive entire blocks to pigpile on television sets

all the clap-on distractions

and fade-away inspirations

are the reason i can barely

hold a one-sided conversation

or sit still without knees shaking

i pull the hair out of my head

and wait for bats to fill the room

but all i get is a receding hairline

and another shit-eating grin

it's sad to leave anyone...

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