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Hey, Sole, man! Wassup dude?

Yo I came all the way from the suburbs man!

Yo I love your shit! How about a free tape, dude?

Support the underground!

Woo woo! Yeah man! Yeah! Yo man!

I usually dream about gold chains and being an MC 'til I'm old and gray

Instead I wear a tie and fix computers all day

In this dream I trusted everyone

and I was in the spotline for the lifeline of real life

People are vampires and Sole only exists in the nighttime

Time is by my silhouette, tired of being a harbinger of bad news

Tired of paying rent, and I'm tired of paying dues

And I'm tired of being polite, and I'm tired of not falling asleep

And I'm tired of morons that say I'm too abstract or I'm too deep


Yeah I'm deep, deep in debt, deep in thought

Falling off the deep end without a bungee [Wooo!]

'Cause life is a circus and the girls on Haight Street are way too funky


Time to feel like a martyr, a satire, a sadder pioneer [Sole, wassup?]

With idle hands idolizing every instrument I hear

But I've got red hair and a fucked up beard, overgrown goatee

Been keeping it real, wearing the same clothes since 1993

This world is an empty refrigerator, full of wasted skin

So I maintain an empty stomach and magnets to place everywhere I've been

"But I can't understand why the world is covered

with frost queens with blue eyes"

Blazin' is good, and we can be winners, if we compromise

I'm always complaining, these'll be the days when I get old

Thanks to all the industry parties, now I got cassingles to dub beats over

Overwhelmed at times, couldn't fit these songs in a CD boxed set

Signed rappers: if you're so dope, then why ain't you been dropped yet?

Kids say it's all about battlin', and braggin' though it's masculinity

Freestyle means diddly, and cameos provide validity [you don't freestyle]

Any hiphop is a joke, except for all purpose I'm leaving soon

When fools call up asking for the promo department

I'll connect you with the living room [hey, hold on]

Live it up, pour a brew, pull up a chair let's politick and speak-spearean

We can talk about rappers and discuss alien abduction conspiracies

Nonsense is fun, rhetorical conversations are amusing

When speech leaves book and industry thought most find it confusing

So smoke more weed, and read more novels, and watch more cable

And so we'll still remain skeptical, cause sensible means


Aiiyo I talk a lot of shit, I can back it all the fuck up

Get along, let's all hold hands and sing the song

So I'll talk a lot of shit, hey, I can back it all the fuck up

[Cause I love you, and you love me]

And we're just one big happy family

Well it's day four, sentence six, [uh huh] and everything is clicking

People are cliquean and talking cliches too much, touche

Today I took a holy shower and washed away all my indecencies

Even sat in the sun, to try to cook up the beast in me

But it's still there, eating away on my people skills

But fuck it, we can build and I'm not stressed out

And play the field 'til I'm 'X'ed out of every guestlist

and put on every blacklist

Well, I guess that just means more names on the 'People I Gotta Diss' list

I love everybody, but I've run out of kind phrases

So if I see you and act sarcastic, take it personal, and personally

I wanna play the horses, but ain't got enough gambling ends

And I'd like to see the pigs, but all of them got boyfriends

We can be friends or arch-rivals or we can share ideas

Or sip espresso, until we both have diarrhea

A lot of people are cool, and some are less intellectual

I like having a girlfriend and like them more when they're bisexual

Battle rhymes don't hurt people, battling AIDS isn't enjoyable

There's something about goth girls in short skirts I find delectable

So come back to my shelter you horny little pale raccoon wearing three chains

And I'll give you some more stupid sayings to put in your keychains

(chorus with variations 2x)

[drums cut]

I've grown to love stability, [uh huh] been anything but lethargic [true!]

Constantly increased abilities and found a soft spot for hardship [so so]

Discovered that "enjoyable" and "happy" are both relative terms [true]

Come to terms with the fact that while on earth all people are worms


But hey, the early bird remains tracing the smog and acid rain

Actually, all acts of selfless is serene rested in mundane

I enjoy simple things, like computers and tropical fish

And indie artsy women that succumb to my every wish

Since the devil's a misogynist I try to act like Too $hort [biiatch!]

But if God was a bitch, I'd make it a point to pay my child support

But/And since I don't have kids I can [simply] act irresponsible,

Buy a grip of useless shit/items, and eat foods that are unpronounceable

Keep me unaccountable, 'cause counting my obstacles has been depressing

And undressing prime notions, that adolescent peers teach me added lessons

To the mass, [son] simply I'm the God, in the earth

Being from Maine has been a blessing and being bitter has been my curse

The only cure: separate Sole from the ills that spoil my surroundings

You were raised in manure, so it's only right that we be on our own shit, sure

And since I ain't shit, and you're convinced to be in its elements

Take part in self degradation when you're facing Sole-ful eloquence

You've got a lot of time to think, that's not necessarily a bad thing

Just think of all the joys a bottle of Windex, a pen and pad could bring

I say think before you speak, and think before anything you do

Or the next rhyme I write might be about you, son they shook *

[*vocal interpolation of Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones Pt. II"]

(chorus with varations till fade)


Oh.. oh.. what? Ohh, did you hear that? Oh, this kid is crazy!

Oh man.. oh shit. Listen man, y'knowahmsayin'?

We just chillin'.. chillin' yall.. chillin'.. wooo..

Yo man, oh yo, just fuckin' crazy dude! Oh Lord. Yo man..

Listen man, you ever interested in some guns? Y'knowahmsayin'?

Listen! My boy.. wants to hook you up! Y'knowahmsayin'?

Yo man, 'cause I know you're motherfucking hard!

Shit, listen dude, I could hook you up with a gun, man!

Y'knowahmsayin' cause it's the underground, you know how crazy it is!

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