Sole - Save The Children lyrics

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Thank God I never made it to Earth, what a happy place

how I long to be depressed, to be a grouch, get away

Yo, Yo Here I stand in the desert sands

There I lay in a dust storm, brain storms

Some day we may form a massive collective mind with no bandages

I kneel down to fantasy of what is real

Thus far the only signs of freshness

I came across upon this quest was nothingness

Posessed to find truth at all costs elementally

I walk a thin line of good and evil coincidentally

We all believe in god and nature and higher levels

Yet we dwell with devil's machinery in lower levels of raped scenery

It's seemingly endless

Demeaning and mindless, we're friendless and meaningless

Living in darkness walking with candles

And while I'm on the subject of difference is lame

I've noticed the more things change the more things stay the same

To stay in focus

It's hopeless to go against the grain while new to this

Till I'm menopaused and then ejected from the uterus


And I've seen so far into the night

And lingered in the land of no night

Day two I've left the earth and all is alien and foreign

Females are wailing and I'm swimming in a cest pool

It's pouring

It ain't dark no more, no more worth the fight

My old candles turn to sunglasses, I can't stand the light

Yet I can't stand the rain these bodies I live with are numb

And I can't stand the pain these children I play with are dumb

A figure points a finger and whispers, "leave"

This small porcelain tomb

It will be all I will have achieved

And I refuse to be excrement

dash to the left and to try to and break for my life

A large hand grabs me now, there's no escape

I'm thrown into a whirlpool, spinning until infinity

Grasping for an oxygen breath, but I don't breath that yet

Inhale the H20 and thank life I'm still living breath

Giving death a hell of a run until the movement stops

Bubble to the surface almost dead ass out

Starving cold and alone until I pass out


Living ain't all that, I wanna go back to non-existence

The womb was not meant to be a tomb, but once I've gone the distance

Won't sleep to see revenge for my dead sibling, I miss her

I watched my brother be impaled as I held the hand of my sister

Kissed her when she was void

Missed the missile, I'm docile

Amongst dead soil and fossil till I'm deployed

None of it ever happened

As far as I'm concerned I'm barred

Should've died months ago in the condom

and this wouldn't have been so hard

Should'nt of, but it's not that way

I fought that way

I lay until I no longer thought that way

None of this was worth the fight, I should have been disposed

At night time, laying only half of the trash can

Not white trash in a trailer park

Or a dismembered rash lashing utter last sole

member of a coathanger tailored art

With no formed identity blanketed by newspapers

Remedy be levity, life be the penalty

This body in a mask grow fast carry out the masquerade

I lay in the cut to hear lies, pawns, peons, and tricks of this trade

In this eon let me be on and beyond the next decade

There I stayed remain of flux to be another child saved

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