Sole - Pain lyrics

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Yeah, feel my pain

Filled with pain

It's a struggle everyday

Did I walk in the right door?

I don't know


I never back down, I do what it takes me

Things gettin' shaky, can't let it break me

A lot love us, some hate me

Some friends snake me

Sometimes the shit just make me

Wanna grab the tote and lose it

It ain't just tracks and raps

It's a whole other side to music

Things you can't see on MTV, but it's here

Lord, what's happened to me?

I'm really out there

Was this the right door to walk in?

Lips movin', but ain't nobody talkin'

I plead and I cry to the Heaven skies above to show me love

Wish that I could backtrack and make it like it was, but I can't


When the pain's in me

I wish that it would let me be

But where can I run and where do I turn

When it's chasin' me?

[Repeat 1]

I got to deal with the what IS, fuck what IF's

Got to put it down and make it right for my kids

How many parties, how many bottles gotta pop?

How many more gots to die?

When this shit gon' stop?

I feel it in my heart, but I plays my part

It's a whole bigger picture so stay true to your art

Until I'm hauled off in the car

Swear it wasn't this dark when I got my start

Internin', been chart burnin', kept learnin'

Kept earnin', and the wheels kept turnin'

But after all the hit songs and the fame is gone

Your money right, but everything else done gone wrong

You're lonely, a lot of bitches is phony

Wanna know me just to tell niggas we homies

Whole time bitch schemin' on my Rolley

It's hard to watch everyone you with

When you rich, niggas with you try to get you

Plenty wanna hit you, I learned it now

It was no way out, now it's no turnin' around

Niggas that was with me, I praise 'em now

A toast to the Red Zone, raise 'em now

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]

Silence, all eyes on me

But I can see through 'em like I knew 'em, so I walk to 'em

Extend my hand, try to talk to 'em

Stand while others ran and try to understand

Two sides of a story, let me tell my side of it

It's evident, it's there, I can't hide from it

How much for the soul in the window?

Most wanna be rich and famous

It's dangerous, you'll find out in a minute though

I love the close ones, sometimes feel like I got no one

Those that was there, I know I owe 'em

Backstabbers, I brush 'em off

In a room with straight faces, can't trust 'em all

Rush and fall, pause, let nature take it's course

Stand firm cuz I serve a higher force

And I can scream 'til I'm hoarse, hear me Lord

See I'm ? like 3 dice, riskin' it all in street life

At the fork in the road, I made a hard right

I put the work in, then escaped the hard life

I put it down 'til it's time to lay me down

Wanna be free, but a lot of shit weighs me down

The light's dimmin', who gon' save me now?

It's all good, but it ain't gravy now

We gots to do it for the babies now

And bring 'em up to correct all the wrong we've done

And don't let 'em sing the same song we sung

Like, killin' each other off one by one

And turn 'em from slangin' the drugs, into some'in

You can make it out the ghetto in more ways than one

But for now I'mma pray for better days to come

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]

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