Sole - Our Dirty Big Secret lyrics

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Sole - Our Dirty Big Secret

sole, dose one, alias, and pedestrian:

cookie jar jaws 2 the sequel, the lawn holes,

cookie jar jaws 2 the sequel, the lawn holes back, like hold back.

the better the artist the harder they bite...


i never chew with my mouth open,

i'm hoping you can read between the lines i borrowed from someone else.

little bit of style stuck in between your incisors,

implied supervisory, swallow the knick-knacks you borrowed from the shelf.

it's a xeroxing world and everyone should open wide and close their jaws...

i bit biting from biting the biting pause.


it's the incredible melting man, himself, in person;

godless and bored, apolitical, an unemployed miracle worker.

garbage-eyed oracle, pickpocket preacher,

vacuous, disposable, and "absolutely modern."

by the way, i bit this immortality from the age of reproduction,

printed with the proper paper back book binding

glue made from bill blake's horses of instruction.


i invented ground so i could break it and throw it in your eyes.

by the way, nasa bit space from the aztecs.

who broke the spokes of the reinvented wheel?

spoke to the followers who spat at the windows.

had your chance, roll it down, just pass by casually.

i learned to bite from my teachers who were biters.

dose one:

i got senses and i know how to use 'em.

i'm a user and both my parents wore glasses.

a house housing it, ignoring the kinks in the mechanical haircut,

seeing as being adam's been done.

thank god parameciums repeat themselves.

thank god parameciums repeat themselves,

i bite like a rat with wings.

sole, dose one, alias, and pedestrian:

i'd like the public to know that i'm a poet first and a would be assassin second.

i really like words like through, because there's threw, through, and through.

you know there's three types of people in the world;

the ones that go to the meetings, the ones that wait outside of the meetings,

and the ones that wait for the phone calls.

hey, hey, what are you doing, what are you doing...that's mine!


never been a lone gunman in this open-air mezzanine,

re-inacting the murder of lennon for an audience of victims.

rewriting my song for meadow creek and i call it "a long walk in the rain."

i bit it from spring mornings. where's my greek choir?

what did you expect? i bit this birthmark from all over europe,

and i'll be a dead white man one day too.

dose one:

the thumb tree grew a hand plant from the people seed,

and one of the george washington's

did over a hundred and something things with a peanut.

plus bikes are for lemmings and racers.

we made it you heard it first.

why i practically bit this from golf.


i'm just taking a sample for scientific study, i'll

bring it right back when i've drained it for all it's worth my body. i'll

sing songs, paint pictures, write poems and do a dance

and chuckle to myself as i file it under "inspiration."

oops...i forgot it in my other pants.

you didn't really need that, did you?

i bit that excuse from this guy i once knew.


when i'm angry, bite my tongue, when uninspired bite my nails.

sometimes i talk out loud, mostly i learn to talk when spoken at,

and these buildings dare mock me?

for not building with them but this castle is for them.

i'm kinder to the peasants, bite me i look irish.

there is no obvious influence, it bit that from my parents.

sole, dose one, alias, and pedestrian:

we've broken our fingers but never naturally.

we've broken figurines but never the natural law...

better artist, harder bite...

the better the artist the harder they bite...


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