Sole - Iy Yi Yi lyrics

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(feat. Miss Toi, Bobbi Bosselina)

[Intro: Sole']

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Sole', never saw me comin', uh

My brigade, some bad bitches

[1: Sole' & Bobbi]

If ya get doped with bezels

Your neck, wrist and fixed clothes

You spit flows, your click roll

And ride with Lorenzo's, say

Iy yi yi yi, iy yi yi (woo!)

Iy yi yi yi, iy yi yi


Ugh, got these niggas by the balls

See me comin', drop the drawers, stop and pause

Hear me bustas, better drop the charge

Mothafucka, I'm about to roar

Spittin' at the sad nigga with the cup of Dom, wha

These mothafuckas can't see me

You mothafuckas can't be me

These mothafuckas can't read me

You mothafuckas, you need me

Followin' with that Who Dat, it's true dat

Rip shit like a true bitch, you knew that

Call to my girls, we gon' do that

Any bitch that's havin' a clue that

9-9, time to shine, comin' with the fine rhymes

Line, line, hang it up, here comes

Mine's mine

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]

[Miss Toi]

Wanna get paper due

Chicks mistake the doo when I sway through

Any nigga in the place gon' hate, so I make mom and pop and diamond case

So I be mucho Luciano, true low

You know B-O be in Montigo Bay sunbathin' topless, out in the tropics

Eatin' good, what's for lunch?

Crab licked, and lobsters

Runnin' with many cats, Sole' (probably blazed out)

Get that cheddar, nothin' better

Y'all keep talkin', yeah whatever

Keep yappin', we gon' continue to make this party happen


I'm fittin' to cake now

Check it out, break down

All ya dogs, startin' to act fake now

First album dropped, but ya ain't nuttin'

Bar slangin' for the take-down

Oh, you wanna hate now?

Shut me down? Fuck y'all clowns

At y'all now, bust em down

Sole' evil, Bobbi Boss platinum bound

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]

[Miss Toi]

You irritating hoes don't stress me

And try to cop a fit, listen to my shit

And trick split when you show these suckas you ain't havin' it

Max to this, quit your dis, this a new chick, you familiar with

It's frequently comin' from this sis Miss Bitch

That's what I gotta be, my soldiers full on side of me

Oh they ain't scared to ride for me

All my niggas will die for me

I place these niggas inside of me

So raise your hand real high for me

Don't let no pussy slide with me

Oh, you think you gon' roll with me?

Just any ol' nigga can't roll with me

Wanna see your niggas ??

Don't need no monkeys sworin' me, huh

You feel the pain, pain?

We droppin' game, game

You'll go insane, feelin' the heat from this mic

Comin' real real tight tight, ah-ight?

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]


Ugh, bitches, now what you know 'bout this?

These niggas wanna taste the best of licks

The led filled chick, that spit this raunchy led filled shit

See, I'm that "niggas wanna eat me on my period" bitch

I'm serious bitch

That stray ho gettin' curious, bitch

Got kiddies shakin' in their boots, they scared to fight me in this

This Pocahontas bitch got bitches straight re-writin' they shit

I'm Iy Yi Yi 'n on this mothafucka, keepin' you lit

Got veteran niggas in this mothafucka ridin' my clit

See, Tricky shine on this shit

Got nothin' but dimes in my click

And 2 of the baddest mothafuckas out here 'round on this shit

Think you come hard, come with it

Then hear me ballin', forget it

Don't put the mic down and quit

Then ain't no bitch can fuck with it!!!

Iy yi yi yi, iy yi yi (woo!)

Iy yi yi yi, iy yi yi

Iy yi yi yi, iy yi yi (woo!)

Iy yi yi yi, iy yi yi

We off the chain nigga

We runnin' game nigga

You wanna bang nigga

It ain't no thang nigga

We off the chain nigga

We runnin' game nigga

You wanna bang nigga

It ain't no thang nigga


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