Sole - It Wasn't Me lyrics

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(feat. J. Weav)

[1: J. Weav]

Your girlfriend's lyin' baby, it wasn't me

Your girl said I hit it baby, it wasn't me

Your girl wants to do it to me

She wants to give it to me

She will not stop until I let her come and do it to me

[Repeat 1]


I need to ask you a question

This thing that I heard, it got me stressin'

I'm guessin' baby, comin' to you for your confession

If you did it, then you besta tell me, straight up

Cuz what I heard completely overwhelmed me

Don't try to sell me, then compell me to be packin' and gone

Or better yet, I'll pack you up before the end of the song

But if I'm wrong, then my complete apology, you will see

This can not happen, now you know that I don't wanna believe

That you would be forever lettin' other women recieve

The love you give me everyday, I find it hard to concieve

But if it's true, then I'mma have to tell you this is the end

I'll ask you once, not again

Was you fuckin' my friend?

Tell me now

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]


Now let me tell you what she told me

She said that you was fake and phony

Fuckin' my homie, actin' like you don't even know me

Sayin' time and time again that you was leavin' me lonely

Ridin' my pony, Angie and this chick named Romie

Tellin' me the way you hit it when I left for the Keys

Talkin' 'bout the carpet burnin', she recieved to the knees

The multiple orgasms, with the greatest of ease

And orally the way you had her screamin', beggin' you please

And she was trouble from the start when I met her one night

If I leave, "Dear John" will be the letter you find

If you want her, you can have her, it ain't wetter than mine

It be another man's gain, it ain't better than mine

Now tell me

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]


I know she lies, but the details was all too clear

And I know better than to run with everything that I hear

Trust was never a problem for us, it was perfectly clear

It's been like happy ever after for the past 2 years

I know she wants you though, she said it on the night that we met

Now she takin' drastic measures, tryin' to see if she get

She fightin' in a battle that she know she never could win

Step it down to a 6 when you workin' with 10

Wanna walk in my heals?

Wanna walk with my deals?

Wanna know how it feel?

I'm just bein' for real

I take your word for it this time, I'm stayin' with you

Make sure it never happen, I ain't playin' with you

Now tell me

[Repeat 1 to fade]

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