Sole - Da Story lyrics

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(feat. Tricky)


Yo Sole' where you going boo


I'm going home, I'm tired

I got a session tomorrow


You high you buggin the fuck out


I'm out


You out?


I'm out


Holla at ya man tomorrow


Aight I'll get up with you tomorrow


You get up with me tomorrow?

Aight I'm going up in here

Coming out of 112 one late night

Seen some scandalous hoes in my eye sight

Now being the bitch I am, payed it no mind

Gave niggaz that then hoped in the ride

Pulled out the heat from under the seat

Make sure the doors locked and the guns cocked

Pulled out the lock

Now I'm leavin the spot

Made a right on Cheser Bridge

Now I'm rollin down the block

Floatin across 80 by north

I seen some headlights rollin tight behind the Porche

MotherFucker bumped my shit

Oh now it's on

Thinkin it's an accident

Though I could be wrong

(motherfucker) Payin myself if niggaz really want it

Hit another exit so a bitch wouldn't get cornered

Couldn't keep going, niggaz will follow you home

Smack you with the chrome and take everything you own

I was taught better than that

So I grabs the gat

Holds my own

Don't need no one to watch my back

Lookin towards the heavens through the sun roof

Shit, I know I ain't untouchable and I know I ain't bullet proof

But I'll put it on these niggaz if need be

Your dead, On some two to you chest and two to your head

Lord please don't let it go there

All I see is a BP and I'm in the middle of nowhere

I'm ready for whatever and I know the routine

Before I get out the whip I check the gun magazine

Hoped out like "What the fuck ya'll got to be crazy"

Some tall nigga talkin bout "Yo hold on baby, it was just an accident"

I can't believe this happening

Then I see the Cherokee pull up in the back of him

Now I'm really on p

Oh, that's them same bitches from the club that was grilling me

So I pulled out the fifth

You niggaz coming for me

Money had his hands up, I smacked him with the heat

Thats when one bitch hoped out the jeep, I fired a shot

I missed her

But it cornered the drivers side and hit her sister

I ducked behind my whip

Bitch still popping

Wait for her to stop so I can hit her with a hot one

It's getting hard to maneuverer

I kicked my heels off

Had him knocked out

Stumbled to his shit and them he peeled off

Perfect distraction

GS is passin

I rose platinum sounded like a round of applause

I pack a line when a cock it back and I rore's

Now I'm the type that will get at the drama to it's gone

You bitches wanna dance then they playin our song

I'm done fucking with you

Jumped behind the dumpster

Reload the pistol

Pucker up until it kiss ya

I can't explain why this is going on

But tonight ot's on

Fuck who right and fuck who wrong

I got you in my sight, gun in my palm

Surprisingly calm

Lick of a shot, hit her in the arm

She running got my gun hot

Try to escape she pulled her dead friend out of the driver's side

Licked off a shot

Put it in the leg

I ain't gonna kill you quick, bitch I'm gonna make you beg

She still got in though and mashed the gas

I put four in the door and got out of the way fast

The jeep swerved and started to stray

Heading for the gas tank guiding my stance

Hit it with the last one, contact,it blows up

I bolted out before the APB shows up

Throwed my shit and fifth

Bucked forty on the dash

In my rear view

I seen the aftermath of the blast

To protect mine I send demons to hell

Stay strong just to live long

Those who weak they and fell

Knowing happened shouldn't have went down but it did

If it's me and you, bitch I gots to live

I know with guns hell

Only one can prevail

Either it's a done deal

Live by steel or behind steel

Ain't nothing fair

We in this for real

Could have ended up dead tonight or ended up in jail

Pacing in my cell

Trying to raise bail

And on top of all that, this bitch made me break my motherfucking nail

Fucked my shit up

I told Tricky ass I ain't wanna go out tonight

Now I got to get this shit fixed

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