Sole - Accurate Math lyrics

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(feat. Kandi Burruss)

Go bananas if you lickin my split with the lavender six

Sexier than calendar chicks my voice is orgasm to mix

Have my money accurate

I don't want my cats to flip they clap and shit

Real nails, no tips, lips you love to kiss

And for Amereda sour get my thugs to crisp

Front row cheering the Knicks illegal pit

Stack my arithmetic, ridiculous

I like hard and stiff can you handle it?

Sole' burn tracks like candle wit

Independent woman so you don't have to trip

Baby we can go dutch half pay for it

[Kandi Burruss]


We can do anything that you wanna do

Go any place that you wanna go

I ain't no money hungry hoe

Sole' don't need ya dough no no


Yo we number one for months

You tryin to catch up like hunch

Yo we up front and personal

I heard ya label jerkin you

Feel like hurtin who

Lord have mercy on you

Only female out the crew

5'6" and petite rockin baby blue and the navy two times two

With twenties on it, get up on it

You want it but they ain't no how

Bitch brigade, I'm fittin' Cal

Have you hoes feel trapped when faced with hot tracks

I take my hails off, you takin dirt naps, I heard that

Make you work pass ATL home of the lats

Bringing real Hip Hop back now who can top that

Need to stop that we top cats where my niggas at

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 1]


You don't really wanna face me

I had to smack a bitch in the dressing room of Macy's

You don't wanna make me put my hands up

Get yo man what?

You know we buck misery, pull the truck up

He ran like a duck, now it's me and you boo

And you shit out of luck

Open up and meet these nuts

Now you lumped up for what

Talkin out ya lip now the next thing you kiss is peroxide Miss

Rappin ain't yo style you need to switch

Read your top ten list Sole' on top of this

What what yo yo and you know that I'm the soloist

I'm rollin dice make 'em clap to this

[Repeat 1: x4]

Make 'em clap to this

Make 'em, make 'em, make 'em clap to this

[repeat till fade]

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